Aldea Projects

Blue Plains TunnelWashington, DCContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOThe project consist of: - 23,600ft x 23ft minimum i.d. (7.2km x 7m) soft ground segmentally lined tunnel and four deep shafts of up to 25ft diameter and 150ft deep (7.6m x 46m).- BPT Screening Shaft (BPT-SS): A screening shaft for use in mining the BPT, located on the Blue Plains Advanced Waste Water Treatment Plant (BPAWWTP) site.- BPT Dewatering Shaft (BPT-DS): A dewatering pumping station shaft, located on the BPAWWTP site.- Bolling Air Force Base Drop Shaft (BAFB-DS): An overflow/drop shaft for connecting the JBAB Overflow Structure to the BPT.- Poplar Point Drop/Junction Shaft (PP-JS): A combination drop/junction shaft on District of Columbia government land. - Surge Chamber and Approach Channel at PP-JS: The approach channel will connect the future Main Outfall Sewer Diversion Chamber (MOS-DC). The MOS-DC is over the existing modified twin sewers (under different contract) for directing flow from the West Influent Sewer and East Influent Sewer to PP-JS. A surge chamber is where the approach channel connects with the vortex in PP-JS to facilitate handling the flow.- DC Water’s Main Pumping Station Drop Shaft (MPS-DS): A drop shaft at DC Water’s Main Pumping Station near 2nd Street and Tingey Street SE. This shaft will convey diversions from CSO 13 and 14 (Division I) as well as CSO 9, 11A and 12 diversion chambers.
City of Columbus OARS CMColumbus, OHConstruction ManagerWater/Sewer/CSOThe OSIS Augmentation Relief Sewer (OARS) tunnel is designed to collect combined storm and wastewater overflow from the Olentangy Scioto Interception Sewer (OSIS) and transport it to the Jackson Pike and/or Southerly wastewater treatment plants where it can beproperly treated prior to being discharged.
LMCC (Empty Project Archives Folder),
South Hartford Conveyance and Storage TunnelHartford, CTConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOThe South Hartford Conveyance and Storage tunnel is a significant component of the Hartford Metropolitan District’s Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) to reduce the number of combined sewer overflows, eliminate sanitary sewer overflows and reduce nitrogen released into theConnecticut River. The porpose of this project is to collect CSOs from the southwestern part of Hartford and directed to the SCT, and later to collect SSOs from West Hartford and Newington and routedto the SCT.
WSSC Bi-County Water TunnelRockville, MDOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOBi-County Water Tunnel is a $146m project undertaken by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). Located in the vicinity of Washington, DC, the tunnel carries clean drinking water from the Potomac water filtration plant to Montgomery and Prince George’s County. It provides additional capacity for the two counties during droughts, emergencies and other instances when there is a high demand for drinking water.
Jollyville Shaft & TunnelAustin, TXContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOThis $103M tunnel project consisted of a 12 ft. diameter tunnel over 350 ft. below existing ground from the Austin’s Water Treatment Plant No. 4 to the Jollyville Reservoir. The rock tunnel runs over 35,000 LF and was excavated utilizing three (3) TBMs to excavate the three (3) runs consisting of 20,650 LF, 9,600 LF and 4,750 LF. The tunnel was lined with 84 inch PCCP and grouted in place. Four (4) shafts 40 ft. diameter x 350 ft. deep, 36 ft. diameter x 275 ft. deep, 15 ft. diameter x 210 ft. deep and 31 ft. diameter x 130 ft. deep.
Alaskan Way VPSeattle, WAConsultingHighwayProject features a 9,600 ft long and 58 ft. diameter double decker highway tunnel in soft ground directly beneath downtown Seattle, WA.
Kiewit MSA, Contractor's Engineer
Expert Witness - Confidential, ConsultingTransit/Rail
Blacklick Swr TnlColumbus, OHConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOThe Blacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor Sewer (BCSIS) is an extension of an existing 66-inch sewer that currently ends near Blacklick Ridge Boulevard. The project area encompasses the Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road corridor and extends from Blacklick Ridge Boulevard, north to Morse Road. The 10 feet dia tunnel constructed of precast concrete segments that form rings as the tunnel boring machine (TBM) mines through the soil and rock. The tunnel constructed at a depth of 30 feet below ground at the launch site and end at a depth of 140 feet below ground as a result of ground elevation increasing to the north.
MCWA (Empty Project Archives Folder), Owner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Town Brook Enhancement ProjectQuincy, MAContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
TINGEY (From Archives Folder), Contractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
ALTM (Empty Project Archives Folder), ConsultingWater/Sewer/CSO
McNally Engineering Support Srvs, Contractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Corbalis, Contractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Crenshaw Tender Phase DesignLos Angeles, CAContractor's EngineerTransit/Rail
EMH&T MSA, Owner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
E&CI MSA, Contractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Port Mann Water Tunnel ProjectVancouver, BCContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOGVWD plans to construct a new water main crossing beneath the Fraser River between Coquitlam and Surrey in British Columbia
Anglo American Grosvenor MineMoranbah, AustraliaContractor's EngineerMining
South Holston Intake - HDDAbingdon, VAContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOWater supply raw water intak pipe line designed to construct HDD method and eventually converted to Drill & Blast at 21 ft since cobbles & Boulders stuck in auger.
Alto Maipo HydroelectricSantiago, ChileOwner's EngineerPower/EnergyIncludes 2 underground power stations and 41 miles of tunnels driven partly conventially by drill and blast and partly by TBM.
Rebecca Street Tunnel CPSOakville, ONConsultingWater/Sewer/CSO1800 meters of open cut installation of 900mm and 1050mm wastewater main, 4056 metres of Microtunneling installation, installation of 230 metres of upsized 1050 mm pipe supported by ex. Trust beneath bridge structure, 3 creek crossings, 15 pits for trenchless pipe installation, 7 jacking pits, 8 receiving pits
Tingey St Div SewerWashington, DCContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOTunneling 1200 linear feet of combined sewers along Tingey St. SE between 2nd and 5 1/2 Street SE. Constructed diversion chambers and manholes at two locations along Tingey St. Also this project included the construction of a temporary work shaft along Tingey St. and 2nd St. SE.
South Cobb Tunnel Concrete ReviewAtlanta , GAContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Flat Branch Force Main ImprovementReston, VAContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Haverstraw WTP Intake TunnelHaverstraw, NYContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOInstallation and commission of the water intake facilities for United Water Works in the Village of West Haverstraw, New Yor
First Street Tunnel Pre-BidWashington, DCContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
PD7 Elgin Mill RdToronto, ONConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOInstallation of a new watermain along Elgin Mills Rd. from Enford Rd to Bayview Ave.
Anacostia River TunnelWashington, DCContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOThe Anacostia River Tunnel Project is the second in a series of four tunnels that will mitigate combined sewer overflows that are currently discharged to the Anacostia River. The tunnel extends from Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Stadium in northeast DC to Poplar Point in southeast DC.
Tiber Creek Rehabilitation Design & Submittal SupportWashington, DCContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Crenshaw/LAXCrenshaw/LA, CAContractor's EngineerTransit/Rail8.5 Mile light rail line will connect southwestern Los Angeles and Los Angeles International Airport. Includes a minimum of 6 transit stations & other supporting facilities.
Brick Church Pike SewerNashville, TNConsultingWater/Sewer/CSO9800LF of 24" to 30" upsized sewer, 3800LF of ex. Sewer rehab., 600LF of trenchless crossings, 6 pits for Trenchless installation (3 jacking pits, 3 receiving pits)
Alto MaipoSantiago, ChileConsultingPower/EnergyIncludes 2 underground power stations and 41 miles of tunnels driven partly conventially by drill and blast and partly by TBM.
East Side Access ProjectNew York, NYOwner's EngineerTransit/RailEast Side Access provides new Long Island Rail Road service to the east side of Manhattan, supplementing existing service to Penn Station on Manhattan’s west side and Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. The East Side Access megaproject is one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in the United States . The project encompasses work in multiple locations in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx and includes more than 8 miles of tunneling.
OCIT (Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel)Akron, OHOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Blacklick Creek Trunk SewerColumbus, OHOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOThe Blacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor Sewer (BCSIS) is an extension of an existing 66-inch sewer that currently ends near Blacklick Ridge Boulevard. The project area encompasses the Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road corridor and extends from Blacklick Ridge Boulevard, north to Morse Road.
Horner Street Interceptor SewerJohnstown, PAOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOConstruction of Hornerstown & Industrial Park Interceptor sewer project
ESA Manhattan Tunnel ExcavationLong Island City, NYContractor's EngineerTransit/RailEast Side Access provides new Long Island Rail Road service to the east side of Manhattan, supplementing existing service to Penn Station on Manhattan’s west side and Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn. The East Side Access megaproject is one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in the United States . The project encompasses work in multiple locations in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx and includes more than 8 miles of tunneling.
East 140 Street Consolidation & Relief Sewer (E140CRS)Cleveland, OHOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOThe project involves over 11,000 feet of 60 to 84-inch diameter two-pass tunnel and 285 feet of 84-inch hand mined tunnel.
Lockbourne Interceptor CMColumbus, OHConstruction ManagerWater/Sewer/CSOThe LIS is an extension of an existing 168-inch sewer that currently passes north of the Village of Lockbourne and terminates at the Southerly Wastewater Plant on S. High Street. The finished diameter is 78-inches from Rowe Road to Ashville Pike and reduced to 60-inches for the remaining distance. Centrifugally cast fiberglass reinforced mortar pipe installed that was jacked into place behind the micro tunnel boring machine (MTBM) .
Seaton 2BMarkham, ONMicrotunnel Design SubconsultantWater/Sewer/CSOThe trenchless construction project comprise four jacking pits an sixreceiving pits, and eight microtunnel drives. The microtunnel drives(pipe invert) are located at depths of between approximately 10 to 24 meters below ground surface in soil (Non-cohesive Till and Cohesive Till) with microtunnel access to the surface via the jacking pits and receiving pits. The Seaton Project also consists of two open cut reaches. Reach 1 (253 m) is located south of trenchless Drive 4 along Burkholder Drive. Reach 2 (606m) begins at Taunton Road/ Peter Matthews Drive intersection and runs south to Azalea Avenue.
City of Joliet, IL- Des Plaines River CrossingJoliet, ILContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO865-ft tunnel, 111.5 in. in diameter, underneath the Des Plains River
Expert Witness - Confidential, Water/Sewer/CSO
Rondout West Branch Bypass Tunnel Construction & Wararsing Repairs Delaware AqueductNewburgh, NYContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOTunnel leakage repair and construction of a bypass tunnel
DRTC Indianapolis, INContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOThe $71.4-million Deep Rock Connector Tunnel Project is part of a new 28-mile network of 189-ft-dia deep tunnels designed to eliminate combined sewage overflows that have plagued Indianapolis neighborhoods during heavy rains. Once complete, the tunnels is designed to store up to 250 million gallons of stormwater during and after wet weather.
Britannia Rd. Wtr & WW MainOakville, ONOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOConstruction and Warranty Period Engineering Services for Britannia Road Water and Wastewater Mains
Hydraulic Review, Contractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
CHSR SF-SJ/SF-MerOakland, CAOwner's EngineerTransit/Rail
Springfield Water System Improvements Ph. 1 - HDD Eval.Royal Oaks, CAConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOConstruction of water transmission pipeline using long to extremely long HDD bore alignment
Union Station Rail Corridor Emergent Works ContractToronto, ONConsultingTransit/Rail
Lake Mead L3PS Las VegasLas Vegas, NVContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOLow level pump station, including over 30 deep drilled shafts over 400 ft deep; deep shaft excavation and rock cavern forebay for pump station. Also includes complexities of connecting to previously excavated works to fully commission third water intake from Lake Meade to secure the water supply to Las Vegas.
Delta Conveyance CWFLos Angeles, CAOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
16th Ave. Trnk Sanitary Sewer RehabToronto, ONConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOThe 16th Ave sanitary sewer rehabilitation project is approximately 50m deep under high water pressure zone and includes rehabilitation of 1.5km long and 2640mm ID cast in place concrete pipe using 4-inch thick sprayed geopolymer. Installation of bypass line and waterproofing before geopolymer application are also major part of the work for this project.
Lattice Girder Eng., ConsultingTransit/RailThe 2,000-ft tunnel mined through over-consolidated, Pre-Vashon glacial till that was above the water table. Much of the tunnel would pass directly under 110th Ave NW, a tree-lined, north-south thoroughfare with multi-story residential and commercial structures on either side. The width and height of the tunnel (36 x 32 ft) would put these structures, utilities, and the avenue itself within the zone of influence.
AMI Sewer ReplacementWashington, DCContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Purple Line Ext. Sec2Irvine, CAConsultingTransit/Rail
Hwy 7 Regional Ctr W&WW SrcvingToronto, ONConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOConstruction of the sanitary pipeline which connects to the Richmond Hill Collector west of German Mills Creek and runs along the north shoulder/ boulevard of Highway 7 West to future Cedar Avenue, in ichmond Hill, in Ontario
Water Supply Tunnel Ph 1PrMAtlanta , GAConsultingWater/Sewer/CSO
East End CrossingLouisville, KYConsultingHighway
Doan Valley Tunnel ProjectCleveland, OHContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Cawthra RoadToronto, ONConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOConstruction of 2.25 km long & 600mm & 1500mm diameter sanitary sewer in the city of zmississauga ON.
Atlanta Plane/Train TunnelAtlanta , GAOwner's EngineerTransit/Rail The Plane Train Tunnel West Extension project at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia designed to extend the existing tunnel about 600 feet underneath the airport MARTA station and SkyTrain airport station, allowing more room for trains to turn back to go in the other direction while another train arrives to reduce wait times for the train and increase capacity.
DCCR Div Str CSO 021-CIARWashington, DCConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOThe CSO 021 Diversion Facilities projects consist of construction of a structure to divert flows from the existing Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) 021 outfall, the largest CSO on the Potomac River. Scope of the projet include construction of a new diversion chamber, a shaft, and a ventilation control facility.
Woodbridge Interceptor-Seg. 5Woodbridge, NJConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOThe existing Segment 5 is a 48-inch RCP pipe approximately 5,050 feet from the Route 440 Siphon Outlet Chamber to the Smith Street Siphon Inlet Chamber
Central College Subtrunk Ph. 3Columbus, OHConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOThe Central College Subtrunk Sewer, Phase 3 (CCST3) consists of two alignment sections (Central College Road and Harlem Road Alignments) of 48-inch ID/60-inch OD curved MT construction totaling 10,912 feet in length and comprising four (4) jacking pits, five (5) receiving pits and eight (8) microtunnel drives
St. James Pavillion TunnelHomewood , ILContractor's EngineerUtility/Pedestrian
CSO18 AditWashington, DCContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Alto Maipo Hydroelectric ProjectSantiago, ChileOwner's EngineerPower/EnergyIncludes 2 underground power stations and 41 miles of tunnels driven partly conventially by drill and blast and partly by TBM.
3RPORT-Ft. Wayne CSOFt. Wayne, INOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Viterra, Inc. Cascadia TerminalVancouver, BCOwner's EngineerPower/Energy
Eglington Subway-Risk ManagementToronto, ONContractor's EngineerTransit/Rail
Michels CPV Valley Energy CenterMiddletown, NYContractor's EngineerPower/Energy
Ponytail Drive and Rathburn Road East Sanitary SewerToronto, ONConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOThe Ponytrail Drive Sanitary Sewer (1200 mm) consists of 652.31m of trenchless construction (microtunneling) comprising a jacking pit, a receiving pit and a microtunnel drive along Ponytrail Drive between approximately Stonepath Crescent/Briarcrook Crescent and Tapestry Trail, located in the City of Mississauga, ON. The microtunnel drive invert is located at a depth of up to approximately 9m below the existing ground surface (bgs) in soil, mixed face (soil and rock) and rock with access to the surface via a jacking pit and receiving pit.
Rideau Street Sinkhole Forensic AssessmentOttawa, ONContractor's EngineerTransit/Rail
NEBT Risk FacilitationWashington, DCContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSONortheast Boundary Tunnel is a 23-feet diameter reinforced concrete tunnel, spanning approximately 5 miles, and located between 50-160 feet underground. Starting from the south of the RFK Stadium, and extend north to Rhode Island Avenue and west to R Street NW. It is designed to substantially increase the capacity of the existing sewer system in the District, reducing flooding and combined sewer overflows to improve the health of the Anacostia River.
BSV Phase II Tunneling Risk AssessmentSanta Clara, CAOwner's EngineerTransit/RailThe BSV Phase II Extension project is a 6-mile extension which starts from the Phase I Berryessa Station as shown in Figure 1. It passes through Downtown San Jose to a new station in Santa Clara. This phase consists of 4.8 miles of running tunnels through San Jose. It includes four stations. The Alum Rock, Downtown San Jose and Diridon are underground stations, and Santa Clara is at grade. It has two intermediate ventilation structures and East and West tunnel portals.
Greenwich Sanitary Sewer - City of BrantfordBrantford, ONOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOGreenwich Sanitary Trunk Sewer consists of a 1400mm diameter microtunnel with a length of 433 meters to serve as a casing pipe for a 600mm sanitary sewer. Entry and exit shafts constructed using Caisson method.
Queen Street Storm Sewer - City of StratfordStratford, ONConsultingWater/Sewer/CSO
Intermodal Sanitary Sewer ExtensionColumbus, OHConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOA new sanitary sewer pipeline the Intermodal Sanitary Subtrunk Extension (ISSE) project in the City of Columbus, Ohio that is an extension to the Lockbourne Intermodal Subtrunk (LIS) in Pickaway County, Ohio. The project designed to construct utilizing a combination of trenchless (microtunneling) and open cut construction methods.
Gowanus CSONew York, NYConsultingWater/Sewer/CSO
Airport Road Region of PeelToronto, ONOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOThis project consist of 300m long & 1200mmID single curve microtunnel at Airport road, Region of Peel
Suffolk City Outfall ReplacementNew York, NYContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOThis project designed to conveys the effluent from south of existing Chamber 3 located downgradient of the UV disinfection facility and north of the existing water tank to a new Valve Chamber located east of the water tank and then southwards to the tunnel Launch Shaft. The alignment is located between the water tank and existing Final Effluent Pump Station in a steel sheeted trench. Two chambers are included in this alignment and a 72-inch Tee connection to the pump station.The tunneling portion of this project includes the construction of the following primary components: Launch Shaft; Receiving Shaft; and Tunnel with a minimum 120-inch internal diameter.
IDB Pavement White PaperWashington, DCOwner's EngineerHighway
Interchange 12 Project, FraminghamFramingham, MAConsultingWater/Sewer/CSO
SRWL County of Northern LightsNorthern lights county, ABOwner's EngineerUtility/Pedestrian8" dia. HDPE Waterline Installation for 60 km using HDD, HAB, cut and cover.
Northshore WWTP_GVSDDVancouver, BCConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOThe Project is a combination of microtunneling, slip-lining, and open cut techniques. Microtunneling and slip-lining use a limited number of above-ground access points (shafts/trenches/etc.) to limit surface impacts.
LOT-Value Engineering Workshop No. 1Columbus, OHOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Mill Creek DallasDallas, TXConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOThe Project involves the interception and diversion of the surface stormwater drainage from the upper portions of these watersheds into the proposed tunnel and conveyance of the intercepted stormwater to White Rock Creek. In As a part of this project, seven shafts, eight tunnel laterals, and other surface utility work were designed to connect the existing storm drainage system with the proposed tunnel.
Los Angeles Effluent Outfall TunnelLos Angeles, CAContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOThe new 18ft i.d. TBM excavated tunnel is the main element of a long-term plan by the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County to provide sufficient capacity and make redundant two existing effluent conveyance tunnels built more than half a century ago.
WSPL Extension Section 3Rancho Cucamonga, CAContractor's EngineerTransit/Rail
SVCW Gravity PipelineSan Jose, CAOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Aquaterra Forcemain Claim SupportGrand Prairie, ABConsultingWater/Sewer/CSOThe Aquatera Utilities Inc. is planning to construct a 650mm Forcemain Trunk Sewer Line which involves several HDD crossings. This Execution plan encompasses the 15530 ft of drilling using an American Augers DD110 sized drill rig.
Fort Vermillion Water LineFort Vermillion, ABOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Mohawk Canal Support ClaimBrantford, ONOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO675 mm diameter trunk sewer installation.
Montreal Airport Program Risk ManagementMontreal, QBOwner's EngineerTransit/Rail
CIPP, Contractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
WW Forcemain at Milton WWTP - Region of HaltonHalton, ONOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOConstruction of 600mm CPP forcemain beneath Sixteen Mile Creek that will connect the new 110MLD Fulton Wastewater pumping station to the existing forcemain, and installation of two (2) 2400 mm dia. manholes required to connect 750 mm sewer to the Fulton Street PSin the Town of Milton, Halton Region, Ontario.
Alexandria Renew Wet Weather Program CSOAlexandria, VAConsultingWater/Sewer/CSO
Joymar Drive Microtunnel ProjectToronto, ONConstruction ManagerWater/Sewer/CSOThis project consist of sanitary sewer replacement on various streets in the City of Mississauga, Ontario. The project involves both open cut and trenchless work in an established residential neighbourhood.
Steeles Station - Trk Swr Impact Eval.Toronto, ONOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOTTC and YRT jointly planing toinstall a double crossover at the south of Steeles Station to allow for short turns schedule recovery and will be used for failure management and maintenance operations. The current setting of the excavation and permanent structures interfere with the existing York Durham Southwest Collector Sewer (SWCS). Details study was performed to assess the possibility of the conflict.
Enbridge Energy Tunnel & HDDMacinaw, MIConsultingUtility/Pedestrian
Conduit 16 Tunnel Project – Denver – Professional EvaluationDenver, COConsultingUtility/Pedestrian
Tualatin InterceptorPortland, ORContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOThe project consists of designing and constructing approx. 10,800 ft of pipe line, including two trenchless crossings of Tualatin River.
Tunnel Passageway Gallery Place StationWashington, DCOwner's EngineerTransit/Rail Technical Memorandum to provide recommendations for the Project Configuration of the Gallery Place-Chinatown Station Passageway Project for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA).
Red Sea to Dead Sea RAMS ReviewIsrael, ConsultingWater/Sewer/CSO
BuffaloHeadBlueHillsHDDGrand Prairie, ABOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
HDD Design - Doe Creek / Kiskatinaw RiverDoe Creek, BCContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOThis project consist of design and construction of 200m of 12 & 10 inch separate drills within same ROW pipe line under Dooe Creek Alvertra
Fairview Cover Trunk SewerHalifax, NSOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
401/409 Tunnel CrossingGTA, ONConsultingTransit/RailDesign and construction of Regional Express Rail – Highway 401 Rail Tunnel on the Kitchener Corridor
Orlando International Airport MicrotunnelsOrlando, FLContractor's EngineerUtility/Pedestrian
City of Hot Springs Water SupplyHot Springs, AKContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOImprove the City of hotsprings water supply by constructing a waterintake from Lake Ouachita. Our scope for this project is limited to the tunnel intake located on the north-east side of the Blakey mountain dam
HydroOne_TunnelEngineeringServicesToronto, ONOwner's EngineerPower/Energy
Clarage Jet Fan MountsLos Angeles, CAConsultingTransit/Rail
GAB Pedestrian TunnelRichmond, VAContractor's EngineerUtility/PedestrianTo provide an underground walkway from the future GAB structure to a future parking structure on the opposite side of North 9th St
South Coast Water DistrictLaguna Beach, CAConsultingWater/Sewer/CSO
Geospray Manhole RehabVancouver, BCContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSORehabilitation of shafts using Geopolymer
Waller Creek TunnelAustin, TXConsultingWater/Sewer/CSO
Upper Bee Branch MicrotunnelsDubuque, IAContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
NBC Sewer SeparationNarragansett Bay, RIConsultingWater/Sewer/CSODesign of the sewer separation overflow structure OF 206, as part of the Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC)’s Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Control Facilities Phase III program.
TRWRA Pleasure Bay MicrotunnelOcean Port, NJConsultingWater/Sewer/CSO
Lower Jarvis Street TrenchlessToronto, ONOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Metropolitan Tunnel Redundancy - PSSBoston, MAOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
HART Utility RelocationHonolulu, HIOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOFour Drives of Direct Pipe
West Humber River Trail Sewer RehabToronto, ONContractor's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSORehabilitation of 165 m 2900*1825 CSP storm sewer
Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Baseline MonitoringHampton Roads, VAContractor's EngineerHighway
Oxford Roads Watermain ExtensionOxford County, ONOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Arcbyt Technical MemorandumRichmond, VAOwner's EngineerUtility/Pedestrian
Fox Creek HDD ARC MJIFox Creek, ABOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
SNWA SSE Prelim Des and AlignLas Vegas, NVOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSO
Trenchless Design - WM and SAN FM on Queen St From Goreway Dr to Cherrycrest Dr., Brampton, ONBrampton, ONOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSODesign of watermian and forcemain drives are approximately 350m and 265m long.
Gordon Butte Pump Storage ProjectMeagher County, MontanaMeagher Country, MTOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOGordon Butte Pumped Storage Hydro Project located three miles west of the small town of Martinsdale is designed to take advantage of the unique geological features of Gordon Butte to create a closed loop pumped storage hydro facility. to provide ancillary and balancingcapabilities to the regional energy grid,and offer multiple services to existing energy infrastructure and resources in the state and region.
HDD Expert Opinion - Bradford West Gwillimbury Bradford, YR-ONOwner's EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOLine 6 HDD crossing project included the supply and installation of a 293.7m @ 610mm OD [NPS24) HDPE DR-11 (PE 4710) sewer main.
Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant ProjectBaltimore, MDContrtractors EngineerWater/Sewer/CSOThe Pumping Station consist of 60 inch diameter steel pipe from Northwest Pipe Company and settlement joints from Victaulic. After installation was complete, it was discovered that significant deformation of the pipe wall had occurred at the joints between the Victaulic joints and the 60 inch steel pipe
Edgewater Forcemain ProjectBergen Country, NJSub ConsultantWater/Sewer/CSODesign of approximately 11,000 feet of force main associated with the Bergen County Utilities Authority (BCUA) Edgewater Force Main Projec tsegments 3, 4 and 5 located in Bergen County, New Jersey
Wilket Creek capital ProjectToronto, ONWater/Sewer/CSO
McQueeney Rd. WaterlineAustin, TXWater/Sewer/CSOTo meet the City of New Braunfels’ projected demand in growth, NBU is looking at route options for the 24-Inch McQueeney Road Water Line Project. The trenchless portion of the project comprises a 365-foot long, 42-inch diameter Pilot Horizontal Auger Bore (HAB) to house the 24-inch steel pipeline
SWTP Discharge WaterlineAustin, TXWater/Sewer/CSOTo meet the City of New Braunfels’ projected demand in growth, the NBU SWTP Discharge Line Project will work in tandem with the expansion of the SWTP, the FM306 Pump Station and Storage Tank projects by increasing the output capacity 100 percent. The trenchless portion of the discharge line comprises a 412-foot long, 42-inch diameter vertical-curved microtunnel with a 620-foot radius to house the 30-inch steel pipeline.
Second Ave. SewerColumbus, OHWater/Sewer/CSOAldea was a subconsultant to Resource International to evaluate the potential use of trenchless technology methods for the installation of a new stormwater pipe. During the preliminary geotechnical investigation and engineering study it was determined that open cut methods were preferred.
Last Chance GradeCrescent City, CAConsultingHighwayCalTrans Last Chance Grade Project (Contract # 03A2996).  Prime Designer HNTB. Construction to start 2030, Construction Cost estimated at $1.3 Billion for (~8000 feet) of single tube two-lane Highway Tunnel .  CalTrans plans to replace unstable portions of US 101 by building a highway tunnel just inland from the coast/existing US 101 that will be located behind both fault zones and landslide prone geologic units.   
Long Term Water Supply - Trenchless Design, Owner's EngineerWaterInstallation of new raw water and treated water supply pipelines
Yonge Street & Front Street WatermainToronto , ON332m of 1200m sanitary, and 105m of 400mm watermain under Metrolinx railway lines. Project is from Yonge and Harbour up to Metrolinx Railway
Eglington West Metro - RFP EngineeringToronto, ONTransit
TRWD IPL Section 19Dallas, TXWater/Sewer/CSOWater delivery pipeline
MWD RRWPLos Angeles, CAOwner's EngineerWaterThe Program seeks to take highly treated wastewater and pump it back to re-injection wells at specific sites so that the wastewater can be directly re-used in the drinking water system. This multi-billion dollar program is in early planning, but is anticipated to include many miles of trenchless and tunnel pipelines.
R.J. Burnside - Technical Support,
PL3 Stations Los Angeles, CAContractor's EngineerTransit/RailThe Westside Purple Line Extension Secion 3 Stations is the third and final extension of the overall Westside Purple Line 3. The project extends the heavy rail subway system from the future Century City Constellation Station approximately 2.56 miles West of Los Angeles, Caltrans (I-405), Los Angeles County and VA Hospital properties. This project includes the construction of two stations: VA Hospital Station and UCLA Station and its final connection to the existing running tunnels.
Gwinnett County DWRAtlanta , GAWater/Sewer/CSO
Georgetown New Watermains & Wastewater Toronto, ONConsultingWastewater/CSO4.8 km of wasewater microtunnel installation to service the community of Georgetown in Halton Hills, including 13 shafts to be used as jacking and retreival pits.  Project also includes 5km of watermain installation, with 2 microtunneled, and 2 horizontal Auger Bore water course crossings. Tunnels will be constructed through Halton till and Queenstown Fm bedrock. 
Fairbanks Silverthorn Trunk SewerToronto, ONWastewater/CSO
Kemano T2Kemano, BCMining
Second Ave. Sewer ImprovementsColumbus, OHWastewater/CSO
Big Walnut Trunk Phase 2Columbus, OHConstruction ManagerWastewater/CSOThe Big Walnut Sanitary Trunk Sewer Extension Phase 2 (BWSTE 2) project is being constructed to serve existing and future development within parts of Franklin, Delaware, and Licking Counties. It is a 10-foot diameter rock tunnel with a 72-inch Hobas pipe-in-tunnel carrier pipe. When completed, it will have four shafts and be approximately 12,350 feet in length.
Massey Creek Box Culvert Trenchless ReplacementToronto, ONWastewater/CSOThe project includes construction of two 2m ID culvert pipes under active TTC tracks for the Massey Creek using slurry microtunnelling in soil with up to 8m of ground covers.
PDB Rehab Potomac InterceptorWashington, DCWastewater/CSO
Basement Flooding Protection ProgramToronto, ONConsultingOtherBasement flooding protection program is multiple various crossings around Toronto. Purpose of the project is to alleviate basement flooding in City of Toronto. Engineering to Construction Management
UMD Cole Field HouseCollege Park, MDOtherrehabilitating a 160-foot long horseshoe shaped pedestrian tunnel running between Cole Field House and the University of Maryland football stadium.
Southeast Collector RehabilitationToronto, ONOwner's EngineerWastewater/CSODevelop trunk sewer condition assessment and rehabilitation guidelines associated with the Region’s trunk sewer system including the Southeast Collector Trunk Sewer, part of the York Durham Sewage System located in Markham and Pickering, Ontario. The purpose of this project is to provide a targeted trunk sewer rehabilitation approach for the Region’s deteriorating trunk sewers systemwide.
Regional Recycle Water ProgramLos Angeles, CAOwner's EngineerWastewater/CSO$2.8B - lots of pipeline and tunnels
Southerly CSO Storage TunnelCleveland, OHOwner's EngineerWastewater/CSO$275M Deep CSO Tunnel
Green Line - Light Rail Train - Phase 1Calgary, ABContractor's EngineerTransit/Rail46 km alignment, 28 stations, 4-km tunnel, 14-m dia, single bore
Potomac River Tunnel Tender ServicesWashington, DCContractor's EngineerWastewater/CSOCSO project along Potomac River with soft ground and rock tunnel reaches. Complex shafts and near surface structures in congested areas of Washington DC, including park service land, Kennedy Center and Georgetown University.
VTA - BSV Phase II - Design Build RFQSan Jose, CAContractor's EngineerTransit/Rail
EPCOR Duggan Tunnel ReplacementEdmonton, ABContractor's EngineerWastewater/CSO
Harrisburg Airport Storm SewerHarrisburg, PAContractor's EngineerWastewater/CSO
Gwinnett County Consultant Demand ServicesAtlanta , GAOwner's EngineerWastewater/CSO
San Diego SubwaySan Diego, CAOwner's EngineerTransit/Rail
Omaha Trunk SewerOmaha, NEContractor's EngineerWastewater/CSO
Bull Run Treatment RFPPortland, ORContractor's EngineerWastewater/CSO
Cogswell Street ReplacementHalifax, NSOwner's EngineerWastewater/CSO
West Avenue Improvements Phase IIFort Lauderdale, FLContractor's EngineerWastewater/CSOPeer Review of the structural design for two secant pile structures, a 20ft OD structure and a 15ft OD structure. The review will include calculations and structural drawings.
SARA - Project 29San Antonio, TXOwner's EngineerWaterTrenchless design for an 18-36” wastewater gravity sewer pipeline including 6 trenchless crossings ranging in length from 100 to 2550 ft, utilizing casing pipe from 42 to 60 inches through primarily alluvium and potentially mixed-face ground.
Richmond Hill Collector Sewer ConsultingRichmond Hill, ONWastewater/CSO
North End Feeder MainToronto, ON
Pic RiverHeron Bay, ON
10th Ave. Launching Shaft ClaimMinneapolis, MNContractor's EngineerWastewater/CSO
Gwinnett County SR 316 & I85 Crossing CMAtlanta , GAConstruction ManagerWastewater/CSO
Scarborough Subway Ext., Stations, RailToronto, ONContractor's EngineerTransit/Rail
10th Avenue Launch ShaftMinneapolis, MNWastewater/CSO
4WPTM Ph1Columbus, OHOwner's EngineerWater
REM - Construction MonitoringMontreal, QCConstruction ManagerTransit/Rail
Bay Park Conveyance ProjectNew York, NYWastewater/CSO
Kelley Equipment Support,
IPC - Multiple TasksEdmonton, ABWastewater/CSOVarious piled foundations for HDD or direct pipe rigs.  Some with headwalls / retaining walls at entry faces. 
Haney Water Supply TunnelVancouver, BCHaney Water supply tunnel conceptual design. Determination of shaft and crossing locations to tie in with future infrastructure installation
RRWP - Eng. Serv. Adv Water Treatment FacilityLos Angeles, CA
Niagara Region Consultancy ServicesNiagara, ONOwner's EngineerWastewater/CSO
Jacko Lake Bothar - TMEPBritish Columbia, BC
Pembina Crossing Bothar - TMEPBritish Columbia, BCEnergy
Ship Canal Water Quality Project Seattle, WAWastewater/CSO
Grand River HDD CrossingKitchener, ONWater
Georgetown Crossing Pipe AnalysisGeorgetown, ON
OTB - Multiple TasksBanff, ABContractor's EngineerPower/EnergyReview and provision of P.Eng stamp for designs done by others.  Review of secant pile shaft, thrust wall and sheet pile trench designs. 
Alford Creek - CGLEdmonton, AB
Clearview HDD,
Surface Water Supply Project - Seg. B1 B2Houston, TXContractor's EngineerWastewater/CSOAs a result of the ground subsidence experienced in the Houston area, authorities have mandated a 60 percent reduction in ground water use by 2025 and an 80 percent reduction in ground water use by 2035. WHCRWA and NFBWA are therefore constructing the SWSP which includes approximately 55 miles of 96-inch, 84-inch, 66-inch and 36-inch pipe and two (2) large pump stations. There are nineteen (19) Tunnel Crossings along the Segment B1/B2 project alignment driven through the clay, silt and sand of the Houston sediment basin.
Mink Morse Express Sewer TunnelNew Albany, OHOwner's EngineerWastewater/CSOAldea is a subconsultant to EMH&T on the design of a wastewater tunnel to a private development. The project is being performed under a non-disclosure agreement, and thus project information is protected at this time.
Roseville Tunnel RehabByram Township, NJTransit/RailThe Roseville Tunnel is currently an abandoned railroad tunnel located in Northwest New Jersey.  It is just over 1000 ft. in length and was partially lined.  However, water ingress has significantly deteriorated the original concrete liner and exposed rock.  NJ Transit plans to rehabilitate this tunnel structurally and install waterproofing in order to return it to active commuter rail service as part of its system feeding NYC.
MWD On Call Services for Conveyance/StorageLos Angeles, CAOwner's EngineerWastewater/CSO
Jefferson Hood RCP ReviewTacoma, WA
Ellicott City NT - Housing Assoc.Ellicott City, MDWastewater/CSO
Trenchless Fiber Optic Install Dispute,
MWRD Claim ReviewChicago, ILWastewater/CSO
DFW People Mover Phase 1Dallas, TXTransitDFW Airport will connect Terminal E and future Terminal F via an underground system of tunnel utilizing Autonomous Vehicles based out of a central construction shaft that will become a maintenance station.  The container-moving system (CAV) will be constructed via cut and cover and be approximately 30 ft. below ground.  The people-moving system (PAV) consists of 4 SEM-constructed tunnels in Eagle Ford Shale, each ~ 900 ft. long along with additional turnarounds and widening for two-lanes in and out of the shaft area.  These tunnels will be approximately 90 ft. below ground.
IPL Section 19 DSCDallas, TXWastewater/CSOSection 19-2 located in Henderson County, Texas includes construction of approximately 21.4 miles of pipeline and is part of the 150-mile long raw water pipeline planned to be constructed from Lake Benbrook to the west and terminating at Lake Palestine to the east.  An 84-inch pipe diameter is planned for Section 19-2 with numerous trenchless crossings. Crossing SH-19 was the crossing Aldea was asked to evaluate.
Maryland Avenue Culvert Owners RepEllicott City, MDOwner's EngineerWastewater/CSO
Forest Lawn Creek Inflow Rem/Outfall StormOmaha, NEWastewater/CSO
Tampa I 275 Feasibility Tampa, FLWastewater/CSO
WHCRWA Segment A1/A2Houston, TXWastewater/CSO
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