Aldea Projects

Alaskan Way VPSeattle, WAConsultingProject features a 9,600 ft long and 58 ft. diameter double decker highway tunnel in soft ground directly beneath downtown Seattle, WA.
East End CrossingLouisville, KYConsulting
IDB Pavement White PaperWashington, DCOwner's Engineer
Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Baseline MonitoringHampton Roads, VAContractor's Engineer
Last Chance GradeCrescent City, CAConsultingCalTrans Last Chance Grade Project (Contract # 03A2996).  Prime Designer HNTB. Construction to start 2030, Construction Cost estimated at $1.3 Billion for (~8000 feet) of single tube two-lane Highway Tunnel .  CalTrans plans to replace unstable portions of US 101 by building a highway tunnel just inland from the coast/existing US 101 that will be located behind both fault zones and landslide prone geologic units.