Aldea Projects

Fort Vermillion Water LineFort Vermillion, ABFeasibility studies and preliminary trenchless design associated with a 50km waterline comprising 20+ HDD crossings of roads, highways, waterways and sensitive areas.
Fox Creek Sewer ImprovementFox Creek, ABThis project consists of the design and construction of HDD drives under Fox Creek.
Aquaterra Forcemain - Claim SupportGrand Prairie, ABAquatera Utilities Inc. constructed 15,530 LF of 650mm Forcemain Trunk Sewer Line including several HDD crossings. Aldea performed claim support for the Owners Engineer following construction.
Buffalo Head to Blue Hills WaterlineLa Crete, ABFeasibility studies and preliminary trenchless design associated with a 50km waterline comprising 20+ HDD crossings of roads, highways, waterways and sensitive areas.
South Coast Water DistrictLake Ouachita, AK
Hot Springs Raw Water TunnelHot Springs, ARImprove the City of Hot Springs water supply by constructing a water intake from Lake Ouachita. Aldea's scope for this project is limited to the tunnel intake located on the north-east side of the Blakey Mountain Dam and included characterizing the rock core samples taken from a horizontal bore through the mountain.
Doe Creek / Kiskatinaw River Waterline Doe Creek, BCThis project consists of the design and construction of 200 meters of 12 & 10 inch HDD drives within the same ROW pipe line under Doe Creek.
Port Mann Water Tunnel ProjectVancouver, BCConstruction of new water main crossing beneath the Fraser River between Coquitlam and Surrey in British Columbia. PRoject comprised a one-kilometre-long tunnel, entry and exit shafts (69-metres deep & 81-metres deep). Slurry walls were constructed for temporary shaft excavation support and an earth-pressure-balance tunnel boring machine was used for the 3.5-metre-diameter tunnel. Aldea provided design support services for the Contractor including bulkhead for the hyperbaric chamber.
Northshore WWTP Forcemain & Effluent TunnelsVancouver, BCThe Project utilitzes a combination of microtunneling, slip-lining, and open cut techniques. microtunneling and slip-lining were required to use a limited number of above-ground access points (shafts/trenches/etc.) to limit surface impacts. The project entails the connection of the existing sewers in the vicinity of the existing LGWWTP with the new NSWWTP. The microtunneled conveyance portions of the project include 8 drives comprising of over 1,800 meters in length, ranging in diameter between 1755mm and 3000mm. They also included two curved microtunnel drives. Aldea is responsible for managing the design team in prescribing the geotechnical investigation, performing the settlement analysis, calculating jacking forces, designing the settlement instrumentation plan, and preparing Design Build reports.
Geospray Manhole RehabilitationVancouver, BCDesign of geopolymer lining thickness associated with rehabilitation of multiple deep manholes.
Delta Conveyance - California WaterFix (CWF)Los Angeles, CAProvided Risk Management by identifying subject matter experts, facilitating a three day Qualitative Risk Workshop and a two-day Risk Mitigation Workshop and overseeing the preparation of the Project Risk Register and Project Risk Management Report.
Los Angeles Effluent Outfall TunnelLos Angeles, CAThe new 18-foot ID TBM excavated tunnel is the main element of a long-term plan by the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County to provide sufficient capacity and make redundant two existing effluent conveyance tunnels built more than half a century ago. Aldea's involvement in this project was a Technical Review, JWPCP & RPSB Shaft Support of Excavation, draft Post-tensioned and Reinforced Concrete Segmental Lining for Internal Pressure and Segmental Lining Systems for Fault Crossings.
Springfield Water System Improvements Royal Oaks, CAConstruction of water transmission pipeline using long HDD bore alignments. Aldea supported feasibility study and preliminary design.
Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW) Gravity PipelineSan Jose, CAThe gravity pipeline project includes the design and construction of 3.3 miles of a 16-foot-diameter gravity pipeline tunnel to replace their existing system.
BART Silicon Valley (BSV) Phase II Santa Clara, CAThe BSV Phase II Extension project starts from Berryessa Station and passes through Downtown San Jose to a new station in Santa Clara. This phase consists of 4.8 miles of running tunnels and includes four stations. Aldea performed independent risk assessment to assist the decision-making process between the single bore and twin bore tunneling options.
South Hartford Conveyance and Storage TunnelHartford, CTThe South Hartford Conveyance and Storage tunnel is designed to collect CSOs from the southwestern part of Hartford and directed to the SCT, and later to collect SSOs from West Hartford and Newington and routed to the SCT. Aldea responsible for facilitating risk workshops and implementation of risk management program and maintence of risk register for this 23,500 foot long, 18 foot diameter hard rock CSO tunnel. Depths were up to 180 feet deep in a dense, urban environment. Aldea also involved in Packer Testing Analysis.
Blue Plains Tunnel (BPT) - Division AWashington, DCThe Blue Plains Tunnel (BPT) project is a component of the Clean Rivers Program to control combined sewer overflows (CSOs) in the District of Columbia. Aldea worked as part of the contractor's designer team and was responsible for the protection of structures design package. Aldea investigated the impact construction activities would have on existing structures along the alignment. This included both empirical and highly detailed 3D numerical analyes. Construction impacts assesment of 23,600ft long, 23ft ID soft ground segmentally lined tunnel including four deep shafts.
Tingey Street Diversion Sewer - Division BWashington, DCTingey Street Diversion Sewer, an important facility to mitigate combined sewer overflows along Tingey St. SE between 2nd and 5 1/2 Street SE. Project included a 72 inch diameter tunnel, two diversion chambers and a junction manhole. Aldea involved in Bid phase support for a Contractor.
First Street Tunnel Washington, DCThe First Street Tunnel project is a major component of the Clean Rivers Project, designed to mitigate sewer flooding and basement backups in the District’s historic and densely populated Bloomingdale neighborhood. The 23-foot diameter tunnel is approximately 2,700 feet in length.
Anacostia River Tunnel (ART) - Division HWashington, DCThe Anacostia River Tunnel Project is the second in a series of four tunnels that mitigates combined sewer overflows that are currently discharged to the Anacostia River. The 23-foot diameter tunnel is approximately 12,500 feet in length and extends from Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Stadium in northeast DC to Poplar Point in southeast DC.
Tiber Creek Sewer Rehabilitation Washington, DCThe Tiber Creek Trunk sewer rehabilitation comprised a new structural liner in a 122 ft (37 m) section of tunnel near the intersection of New Jersey Ave. and Tingey St. in southeast Washington, DC. The rehabilitation involved creating new supporting arch structures using the shotcrete placement method between previously installed steel bents. Aldea provided design support and subbmitals for the Contractor.
AMI Sewer Replacement - Division ZWashington, DCDivision Z comprises the Poplar Point Pumping Station and Main Overflow Diversion structure. Aldea performed engineering support for trenchless construction using a compressed air bulkhead shield including jacking forces, , compressed air demand and technical support.
CSO 021 Diversion Facilities Project Washington, DCThe CSO 021 Diversion Facilities projects consist of construction of a structure to divert flows from the existing Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) 021 outfall, the largest CSO on the Potomac River. Scope of the project include construction of a new diversion chamber, a shaft, and a ventilation control facility. Aldea's involvement included the the Constructure Impact Assessment Report (CIAR) and the generation of a instrumentation and monitoring plan.
CSO 018 Diversion Sewer - Division FWashington, DCDvision F included construction of a 300ft long microtunnel along Southeast Blvd. Aldea performed design submittals including jacking forces, face pressures, thrust block design, and technical support.
Northeast Boundary Tunnel (NEBT) - Division Washington, DCThe Northeast Boundary is a reinforced concrete tunnel, starting from the south of the RFK Stadium to north of Rhode Island Avenue and west to R Street NW. It is designed to substantially increase the capacity of the existing sewer system in the District. Aldea's role was to serve as Risk Facilitator, provide a Risk Management plan, develop a initial risk register, facilitate initial risk management meetings, orchestrate the initial Risk Register review, and facilitate the Quarterly Risk Management meeting.
Atlanta Water Supply Program - Phase 1A - Bellwood QuarryAtlanta , GAPhase 1A of the project comprises a water conveyance and storage tunnel connecting the Bellwood Quarry to the Hemphill Pump Station and the Clayton Site adjacent to the Chattahoochee River. The project increased the City of Atlanta’s water storage capacity by approximately tenfold. Phase I construction included a 5,569-foot long, 10.5-foot diameter TBM tunnel through hard rock from the Bellwood Quarry site via a portal launch to the Hemphill Pump Station. Aldea provided bid phase support, Contractor proposal review, risk register management, assistance with the design and the GBR.
Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) Utility RelocationHonolulu, HIAldea was involved in the Preliminary Design of four drives of direct pipe.
Upper Bee Branch Stormwater TunnelsDubuque, IAThe Upper Bee Branch Creek Restoration Railroad Crossing comprised six microtunnels installed under Canada Pacific Railroad Tracks. Aldea provided design support and submittal preparation for the Contractor including design of a steel casing and jacking force calculations.
Des Plaines River CrossingJoliet, ILThe crossing comprised a 865-foot , 111.5 inches diameter TBM tunnel beneath the Des Plaines River. Aldea designed the Support of Excavation (SOE) for the tunnel and shafts for the Contractor.
St. James Pavilion TunnelSt. James, ILThe St. James Pavilion Tunnel part of the Franciscan St James Health Campus Consolidation Project connected the Main Hospital Building (north end of tunnel) to a new two story Pavilion Building (south end of tunnel). Aldea performed pre-bid design services for the modified horseshoe shape tunnel with a height of 14.4 feet and a width of 13.6 feet. The tunnel construction used the Sequential excavation Method (SEM/NATM).
Three Rivers Protection & Overflow Reduction Tunnel (3RPORT) Fort Wayne, INThe 3RPORT project includes consolidation sewers, nine drop shafts, and a deep rock tunnel to collect and convey combined sewer overflows (CSOs) from 22 outfalls along the St. Mary’s and Maumee Rivers. Aldea served as a risk consultant for this 4.7-mile long, 16-foot diameter CSO tunnel. Working closely with the Owner, Designer, and Contract, the team produced a detailed Risk Register that defines project risks, mitigation activities, and responsibile parties
Deep Rock Tunnel Connector (DRTC)Indianapolis, INThe Deep Rock Connector Tunnel Project designed to eliminate combined sewage overflows by storing up to 250 million gallons of stormwater during and after wet weather.
MWRA- Metropolitan Tunnel Redundancy Program Boston, MAThe project includes a redundant 4.5-mile Northern Tunnel and a 9.5-mile Southern Tunnel to enable the MWRA to perform long-needed maintenance on the esiting City Tunnel, City Tunnel Extension and Dorchester Tunnel, and also serve as a conduit during emergencies. Aldea provided Program Support Services including risk management planning, quality management, independent technical reviews, field investigation data management.
Interchange 12 ProjectFramingham, MAThe Interchange 12 Project will increase the existing interceptor sewer capacity by approximately 5 million gallons per day and eliminate the most significantly undersized sewer section downstream of Framingham Technology Park. The project comprised the installation of approximately 4,600 linear feet of new interceptor sewer construction (2,100 feet being trenchless and 2,500 feet of open cut) parallel to the CSX railroad between Temple Street and Salem End Road. The 2,100 linear feet of trenchless construction included microtunneling (MT), horizontal auger boring (HAB), and open face jacking construction methods, with casing pipe diameters ranging between 42 inches and 60 inches for major crossings including CSX Railroad, Route 9, and Massachusetts Turnpike. A 30 inch CCFRM carrier pipe (sewer) was installed within the casing pipes. Aldea performed a detailed third party technical review of the trenchless design for the Owner.
Town Brook Enhancement ProjectQuincy, MAProject comprises a 140-foot long precast concrete box culvert (10' x 12'-6"). The tunnel is located 25 feet below the ground surface beneath Hancock Street and multiple utilies lines installed using a trenchless jacked box construction method. The design included estimation of jacked loads, box culvert section design, thrust box design, jacking frame design, and tunnel shield design.
South Cobb Tunnel Concrete ReviewBoston, MAThe South Cobb Tunnel project comprised a 5.5 mile tunnel located in hard rock, with depths ranging from 150 feet to 400 feet. The excavated diameter is 27 feet, and approximately 75 percent of the tunnel was lined with concrete to a finished diameter of 24 feet. The project allowed CCWS to eliminate two major pumping stations and about 87,000 linear feet of ageing sewer lines and force mains.
WSSC Bi-County Water TunnelRockville, MDBi-County Water Tunnel project located in the vicinity of Washington, DC constructed for the conveyance of clean drinking water from the Potomac water filtration plant to Montgomery and Prince George’s County. Aldea supported the Alignment Study, Detailed Design, Geotechnical Investigation, Geotechincal Baseline Report, Tunnel Inspection, and Construction Management.
Gordon Butte Pump Storage ProjectMeagher Country, MTThe Gordon Butte Energy Park Project is a proposed Pumped Storage hydroelectric facility in Meagher County, Montana that will include an upper and lower reservoir connected by a lined, water conveyance tunnel that trifurcates into three smaller penstocks. Aldea provided preliminary engineering and geotechnical investigation support as a basis for understanding of the subsurface conditions and the proposed tunnel and shaft designs.
Edgewater Forcemain ProjectBergen Country, NJProject comprises approximately 11,000 feet of new force main associated for Bergen County Utilities Authority (BCUA) including installation of twin 18-inch HDPE force mains through open cut, HDD and jack and bore construction methods. Aldea provided preliminary design for the trenchless portions of the project.
Pleasure Bay Interceptor TunnelOcean Port, NJPleasure Bay Crossing and Main Pump Station Replacement project comprises the construction of two new interceptors with 30” and 54” diameters, a new 50-mgd pump station and 36” force main to replace aging facilities. The 54” diameter, 3,250-foot long interceptor will be constructed under Pleasure Bay at a depth of about 90 feet, using a 12 ft diameter Tunnel Boring Machine. The 90-foot tunnel depth is required to avoid the presence of soft soils. Aldea assisted TRWRA with design RFP and assessment of bidders for design, review conceptual & preliminary design reports, reviewed all design deliverables, and risk management assistance.
Woodbridge Interceptor - Segment 5Woodbridge, NJProject comprised replacement of an existing RCP pipe between the Route 440 Siphon Outlet Chamber to the Smith Street Siphon Inlet Chamber. Aldea provided Preliminary Design, Field Investigation, Detailed Design, and Bid Phase and Construction Phase Services.
Fairview Cover Trunk SewerHalifax, NSThe project comprises construction of a new 1500mm diameter, 900 LF microtunnel to alleviate CSO discharges to the Fairview Cove Basin and flooding of adjacent highways during wet weather events. The alignment crosses beneath major roads, highways, and a congested port facility. The construction method utilized a slurry MTBM through highly abrasive slate bedrock with interbeded Metasiltstones. Aldea was the lead for all the trenchless design for the two curved microtunnels and construction inspection services.
Lake Mead Intake No. 3 Low Lake Level Pumping Station (L3PS)Las Vegas, NVThe Lake Mead Low Level Pump Station consists of over 34 large diameter drilled shafts over 400 feet deep as well as two drill and blast shafts and a drill and blast cavern connecting the base of the drilled shafts. Aldea devised a project risk management plan for the Project Team. This included an initial risk assessment and regular risk management workshops for both underground and above ground segments of the project.
Southern Nevada Water Authority SSELas Vegas, NV
Haverstraw Water Treatment Plant Intake TunnelHaverstraw, NYProject components are Installation and commission of the water intake facilities for United Water Works in the Village of West Haverstraw, New York. Aldea role includes Planning/Preliminary Design, detailed design, construction engineering and claims/litigation/consulting.
Gowanus CSONew York, NYNYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has proposed the construction of a large-diameter tunnel running the length of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn to collect combined sewage overflows (CSOs) instead of two tanks currently planned under the EPA’s Superfund clean-up of the area. The project comprises a TBM tunnel and a series of vertical shafts (approximately 60ft in diameter each), two at the northern end of the project (where the current CSO facility is planned) and one in the vicinity of the Salt Lot (2nd Avenue & 5th Street). The shafts would run approximately 150ft deep and connect to a tunnel measuring approximately 30ft (9.1m) in diameter that runs “below the footprint of the Canal.”
Suffolk City Outfall ReplacementNew York, NYThis project is designed to convey the effluent south from the existing Chamber 3 located downgradient of the UV disinfection facility and north of the existing water tank to a new Valve Chamber located east of the water tank and then southwards to the tunnel Launch Shaft. The alignment is located between the water tank and existing Final Effluent Pump Station in a steel sheeted trench. Two chambers are included in this alignment and a 72-inch Tee connection to the pump station. The tunneling portion of this project includes the construction of the following primary components: A launch shaft; a receiving shaft; and a tunnel with a minimum of 120-inch ID.
Rondout West Branch Bypass Tunnel Newburgh, NYTunnel leakage repair and construction of a bypass tunnel, Aldea was responsible for Bid support, Review of GBR,GDR, andTBM penetration rates.
Doan Valley Storage Tunnel Cleveland, OHDoan Valley Tunnel Project is one part of Project Clean Lake to control sewer overflows at 11 locations along Doan Brook, from Shaker Heights to Lake Erie. The project comprises a 3.7-mile-long (6 km) tunnel system including an 9,900 LF (3,018m) 18-foot-diameter (7.2 m) CSO storage tunnel, and two 8.5-foot-diameter (2.6 m) conveyance tunnels—6,400 feet and 3,050-feet long (1,950 m and 903 m) excavated through rock.
OSIS Augmentation and Relief Sewer (OARS) Columbus, OHThe OSIS Augmentation Relief Sewer (OARS) is the largest capital project ever performed in Columbus. The tunnel is designed to collect combined storm and wastewater overflow from the Olentangy Scioto Interception Sewer (OSIS) and transport it to the Jackson Pike and/or Southerly WWTPs. Aldea provided geotechnical and tunnel engineering services and also served as a construction manager throughout construction.
Blacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor (BCSIS)Columbus, OHBlacklick Creek Sanitary Interceptor Sewer (BCSIS) is an extension of an existing 66-inch sewer that currently ends near Blacklick Ridge Boulevard. The project area encompasses the Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road corridor and extends from Blacklick Ridge Boulevard, north to Morse Road. The 10 feet dia tunnel constructed of precast concrete segments that form rings as the tunnel boring machine (TBM) mines through the soil and rock. The tunnel constructed at a depth of 30 feet below ground at the launch site and end at a depth of 140 feet below ground as a result of ground elevation increasing to the north. Aldea provided construction inspection and construction mangement support services.
Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT)Akron, OHThe Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT) is part of the City’s Long-Term Control Plan to reduce Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) to local rivers in Akron. The project consisted of a bored tunnel 27 feet in diameter over a length of 6,240 feet. Aldea provided third party reviews including the GBR.
Blacklick Creek Trunk Sewer (BCTS)New Albany, OHThe BCTS is an extension of an existing 66-inch sewer that currently ends near Morse Road. The tunnel is constructed of jacked reinforced concrete pipe. Aldea provided tunnel and shaft design support and construction management services.
Lockbourne Intermodal Subtrunk (LIS) ExtensionColumbus, OHThe LIS is an extension of an existing 168-inch sewer that currently passes north of the Village of Lockbourne and terminates at the Southerly Wastewater Plant on S. High Street. The finished diameter is 78-inches from Rowe Road to Ashville Pike and will 60-inches for the remaining distance. The sewer comprises centrifugally cast fiberglass reinforced mortar pipe jacked into place behind the micro tunnel boring machine (MTBM) mined through the soil and rock. Aldea provided bid phase support and construction engineering services.
Central College Subtrunk - Phase 3New Albany, OHCentral College Subtrunk Phase 3 (CC3) project consists of the construction of 10,900 LF of curved 48-inch microtunnel through soft ground, mixed face, and rock. The subtrunk will provide sanitary sewer service to approximately 1,725 acres within the City of Columbus’ northeastern tributary service area and redirect flows from the Sugar Run Subtrunk. The project consists of curved microtunnel construction comprising nine shafts and eight microtunnel drives. Aldea provided planning, preliminary design, detailed design, and bid phase support.
Intermodal Sanitary Sewer Extension (ISSE)Columbus, OHThe Intermodal Sanitary Subtrunk Extension (ISSE) project is an extension to the Lockbourne Intermodal Subtrunk (LIS) in Pickaway County, Ohio. The project designed to construct utilizing a combination of trenchless (microtunneling) and open cut construction methods. Aldea role was Planning/Preliminary Design, Detailed design, bid phase support.
Lower Olentangy Tunnel (LOT)Columbus, OH
East 140 Street Consolidation & Relief Sewer Cleveland, OHThe project comprised over 11,000 feet of 60- to 84-inch diameter, two pass tunnel and 285 feet of hand mined tunnel. Aldea role was Pre-Design, Detailed Design, Bid Phase Support, and Construction Engineering.
Queen Street Sewer & Watermain ImprovementsStratford, ONThe Queen Street Storm Diversion project comprises a system of storm sewers designed to mitigate the downtown core surcharging including 800 meters of 2,000mm curved microtunnels. Aldea provided the trenchless detailed design, bid phase support, and construction inspection support.
Greenwich Avenue Sanitary Sewer Brantford, ONThe existing Greenwich sanitary trunk sewer (STS) in the City of Brantford was upgraded to provide additional capacity for future growth in the downtown core. The new sanitary trunk sewer was installed via microtunnel construction on a curved alignment (radius 970 m) and crossing an active rail corridor. The final installed length of microtunnel was 430 m through mixed-face ground conditions.Entry and exit shafts were constructed using concrete caisson method. Aldea performed detailed design for the trenchless components, bid phase support, construction engineering, and construction inspection/management.
Mohawk Canal Tunnel Claim SupportBrantford, ONAldea performed expert witness and claim support for a 675 mm diameter trunk sewer installation using trenchless technology.
Milton WWTP Wastewater ForcemainHalton, ONConstruction of 600mm CPP forcemain beneath Sixteen Mile Creek to connect the new 110 MLD Fulton Wastewater pumping station to the existing forcemain, including two shafts manholes. Aldea performed Trenchless design & construction supervision.
Seaton 2B Trunk SewersMarkham, ONThe Seaton Project consists four shafts and eight microtunnel drives. Aldea prepared Geotechnical Baseline Report (GBR) for this project.
Rebecca Street Trunk SewerOakville, ONResponsible for the design of 13,500 feet of trenchless drives for 48 inch sewer interceptor beneath environmentally sensitive waterway and streets in the Town of Oakville. The sewer alignment is located in mixed face conditions comprising of overconsolidated glacial soils. Included multiple long, curved drives. Noted for winning Trenchless Technology Magazine's New Installation Project of the Year for 2017.
Britannia Road Water & Wastewater MainsOakville, ONWater and Wastewater Mains constructed to carry wastewater along Britannia Road in the Region of Halton. Aldea was responsible for planning/preliminary design, detailed design, bid phase support, and construction engineering.
Oxford Road Watermain ExtensionOxford County, ONThe watermain project comprised concrete box culvert crossings (at Oxford Rd 17, Oxford Rd 4, & Lansdowne Ave), CN Rail crossing located south of Oxford Rd 4 and Oxford Rd 17 intersection, and crossing Pittock Reservoir/Bridge. Aldea performed trenchless design for the crossings.
Queen Street Storm Sewer Stratford, ONThe Queen Street storm sewer (2m & 2.25m dia.) is located on Queen Street from the Lake Victoria/Avon River to Brunswick Street (690 m) with a shorter section along Brunswick Street to Trinity Street (90 m). Aldea performed trenchless design services for the project.
Elgin Mills Road Watermain (Pressure District 7)Toronto, ONInstallation of a new watermain along Elgin Mills Rd. from Enford Rd to Bayview Ave comprised a 740m long, 1500mm ID microtunnel constructed in one-pass with a 1500mm ID precast microtunnel pipe lining. The alignment consisted of three engineered horizontal curves with straight tangents in between each curve section. Aldea performed review of the basis of design, review of means and methods and design criteria, review of tunnel & shaft submittals, review of geotechnical and hydrogeological reports.
16th Avenue Trunk Sanitary Sewer RehabilitationMarkham, ONThe 16th Ave Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation project is approximately 50m deep under high water pressure zone and includes rehabilitation of 1.5km long and 2640mm ID cast in place concrete pipe using 4-inch thick sprayed geopolymer. Installation of bypass line and waterproofing before geopolymer application are also major part of the work for this project. Aldea was responsible for Peer Review, Value Engineering, Pilot Study bid documentation preparation, bid phase services, Construction Inspection, Contract Administration, Pipe Rehabilitation, Geopolymer Sprayed Lining
Highway 7 Regional Center - Water & Wastewater ServicingToronto, ONDesign of sanitary pipeline which connects to the Richmond Hill Collector west of German Mills Creek and runs along the north shoulder/ boulevard of Highway 7 West to future Cedar Avenue, in Richmond Hill, in Ontario. Aldea performed Detailed design/preliminary design, detailed design, and construction engineering.
Cawthra Road Trunk SewerMississauga, ONAldea was responsible for the trenchless design of 7,400 feet of microtunnelled drives for a 600 and 1500 mm sewer and watermain. The drives are located in soil, mixed face, and rock ground conditions. Aldea's scope included the analysis and presentation of alternative drives, the detailed design, the geotechnical investigation, GBR, and GDR review.
Ponytail Drive and Rathburn Road East Sanitary SewerMississauga, ONThe Ponytrail Drive Sanitary Sewer (1200 mm) consists of 652.31m of trenchless construction (microtunneling) comprising a jacking pit, a receiving pit and a microtunnel drive along Ponytrail Drive between approximately Stonepath Crescent/Briarcrook Crescent and Tapestry Trail, located in the City of Mississauga, ON. The microtunnel drive invert is located at a depth of up to approximately 9m below the existing ground surface (bgs) in soil, mixed face (soil and rock) and rock with access to the surface via a jacking pit and receiving pit.
Airport Road Sanitary SewerMississauga, ONThe project consists of construction of a 2,480 foot long segment of new 42” diameter sanitary sewer trunk line that will replace that will replace an existing smaller trunk line. The trenchless component comprises a 1200mm diameter, 300m long curved microtunnel along Airport Road. Aldea provided design review and technical support for the Owner.
Joymar Drive Sanitary SewerMississauga, ONAldea designed a new 1 km long, 1500mm sanitary pipe on Joymar Drive from Britannia Road West to 44 Joymar Drive. Involved curved alignments in order to stay within Right-of-Way requirements. Included microtunnel drives, shaft construction, geotechnical instrumentation design, and the drafting of design drawings and construction specifications.
Lower Jarvis Street Sewer & WatermainToronto, ONThe Lower Jarvis Street project involves the installation of a new 400mm diameter watermain parallel to the Esplanade and crossing Lower Jarvis Street to avoid conflict with an existing 1500mm brick storm sewer. Emphasis was placed on avoiding disturbing the existing storm sewer. Aldea provided a preliminary evaluation regarding suitable trenchless construction methods.
West Humber River Trail Sewer RehabilitationToronto, ONRehabilitation of 165 m 2900 by 1825 mm CSP storm sewer. Aldea performed geopolymer thickness design.
Wilket Creek Capital Improvement ProjectToronto, ONSupport for laser scanning of trunk sewer using state of the art technology.
Steeles Station - Trunk Sewer Impact EvaluationToronto, ONThe YSE project includes extension of the Yonge Subway from Finch Station in the City of Toronto to Highway 7 (Richmond Hill Centre) in the Town of Richmond Hill. The existing York Durham Southwest Collector Sewer (SWCS) which runs in an east west direction along Steeles Avenue is in the vicinity of Steeles Station . SWCS comprises a 1676mm ID pipeline with an invert depth of approximately 22m below grade. Aldea performed the Construction Impact Assessment services pertaining to the construction of the proposed Steele Station and the associated bus terminal; and subway running tunnel/(s) with respect to the impacts upon the existing Southwest Collector Sewer (SWCS).
Tualatin Interceptor SewerPortland, ORThe project consists of designing and constructing approx. 10,800 ft of pipe line, including two trenchless crossings of Tualatin River. The King City siphon includes a 471-foot long, 84-inch diameter microtunnel comprising of a 650-foot radius vertical "U" curve, the first vertically curved microtunnel in North America.
Horner Street Interceptor SewerJohnstown, PAThe Hornerstown & Industrial Park Interceptor sewer project comprised of 3,749 feet of trenchless construction. Includes four jacking pits, seven receiving pits, and a total of seven microtunnel drives. Aldea was responsible for detailed design including managing the geotechnical and geophysical investigations, GDR, and GBR.
NBC Sewer SeparationNarragansett Bay, RIDesign of the sewer separation overflow structure OF 206, as part of the Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC)’s Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Control Facilities Phase III program. Aldea performed Risk Management plan and workshop.
Brick Church Pike SewerNashville, TNProject provided increased conveyance capacity and addressed existing restrictions within the sewer system that resulted in overflows. Included approximately 9,800 linear feet of gravity sewer pipe replaced with larger sewers. Included a series of three 54 inch diameter trenchless crossings using Horizontal Auger Boring. Aldea provided trenchless design and technical support during construction.
Jollyville Transmission Main TunnelAustin, TXJolleyvile project consisted of a 12 ft. diameter tunnel over 350 ft. below existing ground surface between the Austin’s Water Treatment Plant No. 4 to the Jollyville Reservoir. The rock tunnel of 35,000 LF was excavated utilizing three (3) TBMs operating concurrently to excavate the three (3) drives of 20,650 LF, 9,600 LF, and 4,750 LF respectively. The final lining comprised an 84 inch PCCP (pressure pipeline) grouted in place. Aldea provided all initial support design (tunnel & shafts) for the Contractor.
Mill Creek Drainage Tunnel Dallas, TXThe Project involves the interception and diversion of the surface stormwater drainage from the upper portions of these watersheds into the proposed tunnel and conveyance of the intercepted stormwater to White Rock Creek. As a part of this project, seven shafts, eight tunnel laterals, and other surface utility work were designed to connect the existing storm drainage system with the proposed tunnel. Aldea worked for the Contractor preparing design submittals for intial and final lining of tunnels, shafts, and laterals and other related design support services during construction.
South Holston Raw Water IntakeAbingdon, VAConstructon of raw water intake lines from intake in the South Fork of Holston River using HDD and HAB construction methods. Aldea provided trenchless redesign consulting services, construction inspection including the supervision of the installation of raw water intake pipes, sediment flush pipes, air lines, and pneumatic control lines.
Alexandria Renew Wet Weather Program CSOAlexandria, VARiverRenew will comprise a network of deep tunnels and sewers that will connect to four combined sewer outfalls, which currently pollute the Potomac River on rainy days. The tunnels will capture millions of gallons of sewage mixed with rainwater for treatment at AlexRenew and the cleaned water will be returned to the Potomac River. Aldea provided underground design support and risk management services for the Owner.
Flat Branch Force Main ImprovementsFairfax, VAAldea performed trenchless design support for Contractor including shaft support of excavation, ground condition evaluations and technical design support.